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[AD] ATELIERS multifandom/original fiction project


is a multifandom/original fiction write-your-own-prompt project
inspired by visual/graphic/performance/literary art & historical situations.

For more information please see the introduction and raison d'être.

There is no minimum word count and the deadline is now October 9
so come and join the fun!

To join, simply click the join link and comment
what you're planning on writing, then head over to the
posting guidelines and pick a date.
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The Secret Lives of Friends

Title: The Secret Lives of Friends
Pairing: Kevin/Hyungsik + Minwoo
Summary: Kevin comes back to Korea after a long time and finds that things are not as they should be. Hyungsik has given up music and become a recluse. In order to fix things, Kevin must dig up a long kept secret.

(They had been the only people he had known better than himself, his most precious friends.)

{Advertisement} The Game Season

fest information & timelinesthe sportsf.a.q.

Hello writers!!

We're a new panfandom sports fanfiction fest planning to run from June this year. This will be our first year and we would love to have you join us!

We're a fanfiction event where writers from many different fandom communities can participate together and explore the other fandoms through the theme of sports. More information about us can be found on our livejournal, linked above.

Take a look, check it out, and if you're interested, mark those calendars and get your game on!



I can’t say I’m one of those guys that girls wished they could date. I’m just a regular guy, the one that goes to school in the morning and works part-time at night to pay his dues. I left my parent’s care when I turned eighteen, and been independent ever since.

“Aiden, we’re going to go for a drink. Want to join us?”The manager of the restaurant I work for, Melissa, asked.

“I’ll pass. I still need to finish a few papers for school. But, thanks for inviting me, Mel.” I politely replied. She nodded and gave my shoulder a squeeze before heading out with the guys.

Not long after they left, I began to clear the counter and secured the place before heading out. I felt my body shiver as the cold breeze of wind hit my body. Fortunately, the flat I rented was just close to my workplace.

As I reached my flat, I unlocked the door and flicked the lights on. I sighed. I’m alone. This was once a shelter for two people, now one. The white walls, the blue couch we used to cuddle on while watching movies, everything. It always reminded me of her.

I threw my bag on the floor and slumped on the couch. And for the nth time, I started tearing up again. I grabbed the frame on the table, gripping it tightly as I cried. It was a picture of me and her. The girl that made my days happy, my first kiss, the girl I wanted to marry… and now the girl that makes me cry every night.

Her sweet smile haunts me every time I close my eyes, her lingering scent on my bed. I struggled to walk to my room, hugging the pillows she once used. I closed my eyes, remembering the happy memories we shared.

And as I opened my eyes, the reality that she will never come back… hits me.
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