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ZE:A Fanworks

Harujongil; All Day

ZE:A Fanworks~
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Where fans come to share their creativity towards ZE:A.
About ZE:A
Welcome to the ZE:A Fanworks community. Enjoy the works our fans have contributed towards our boys. Be sure to read the rules and be kind to others~

Members of ZE:A;
Kevin, Taehun, Siwan, Dongjun, Junyoung, Minwoo, Hyungshik, Heechul, Kwanghee.

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Each member is special in their own way. They have shown their fans different sides of them with their singles and albums. As fans we should cherish their bravery, courage and kind, tender words towards us and show them that we care by supporting them with great power and pride!

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Remember that if you have any questions, feel free to PM our General MODskyten_zstutsuru, jasleonie, aleemin for any kind of matter/question you have. Thank you for joining and enjoy the community~